Jan Rasiewicz exhibition empty

Jan Rasiewicz Exhibition opening reception

Big thanks to all of You who participated in first Jan Rasiewicz exhibition opening reception. Special thanks goes to the most special person in my life, my beloved wife Andreja, who supported and stood by me throughout this project. She was often alone with our lovely kids in evenings when I went to studio to…


My solo exhibition: 27.02. – 01.03. 2014

This last 5 or 6 weeks I’ve spent most of my days, evenings and a lot of long nights in the studio painting or behind the computer working around my upcoming exhibition. I have designed this webpage, my own 12 page presentation catalogue and my businesscards. I did it all by myself. I painted arround…


Studio time

Eventhough I have to work on my website, Facebook fanpage and other things, I love this part the most. This is a “teaser” photo of what’s going on in my studio lately. I’m working on some big abstract pieces. I just love this! Bring on the music! Studio time!


Good website takes time

I have viwed a lot of “How to” videos on Youtube in order to get the picture of what is needed to setup your own website. Sure I have my own rough idea of how I want it to look, but the whole procedure really takes a lot of time. The best thing is that…

Jan Rasiewicz - RASKO

Hello friends!

Time to start this off… OK, so I have finaly came to conclusion that it is time for me to build my own website. It is the most efficient way for sharing my work with you. I have never build a website before, so it is taking me quite a lot of time, but after…