Trimeresurus stejnegeri asbtract resin art

Trimeresurus Stejnegeri – Original Resin Art

I’m terrified by hornets and snakes.

Swakopmund - Resin art by Rasko

Swakopmund – Original Resin Art

There is a peacefull town on the coast of Namibia, Africa.

In Bloom - Resin art by Rasko

In Bloom – Original resin art

When you think of nature, what colors do you think of?

Deep – Original Resin Art

A closer look into the deep blue see.

Black Honey - Original epoxy painting

Black Honey – Original Resin Art

This painting was inspired by a song called “Black Honey”.

Three Blue Roses by Rasko

Three Blue Roses

Strong dark navy blue, phtalo blue, soft beige and daring pink with a few accents of titanium white create ambitious modern design.

Crescendo - Original Abstract painting by Rasko

Crescendo – Original Abstract painting

Pale blue and pink combo. Tenderness for a bright room.

High Again - original abstract painting by Rasko

High Again – Original Abstract Painting

Beige is my favourite color so it is often a part of my designs. I love it!

The Hunt – original abstract painting

Strong, eye catching, suitable for any home or office.

original abstract painting

Call My Name – Original Abstract Painting

Eye relaxing artwork for any home or office.

Original Abstract Painting

Orange Rain – Original Abstract Painting

Imagine solid rain in universe. I did. And this painting was born.

Original abstract painting

Scalar Galaxy – Original Abstract Painting

I had so much fun painting this one.

Wave of child - abstract painting by Rasko

Wave Of Child – Original Abstract Painting

My 5-year old son gave a name to this one.

Bull Fight – Original abstract painting

Strong painting, strong colours.

Those eyes abstract painting by Rasko

Those Eyes – Original abstract painting

This painting is a magnet for eyes.