Orange Rain 2_Rasiewicz_Original Abstract painting

Orange Rain 2 – Original abstract rain painting

Another one from my rain paintings series.

Rasiewicz Abstract painting Jamaica

Jamaica – Abstract painting

Vibrant Jamaica themed abstract painting.

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Mars Fairytale – Original Abstract Painting

Imagine. Imagine how life is beautiful, as here on Earth, also on other planets. On Mars for instance. New Fairytale is born.

The Hunt – original abstract painting

Strong, eye catching, suitable for any home or office.

original abstract painting

Call My Name – Original Abstract Painting

Eye relaxing artwork for any home or office.

Original Abstract Painting

Orange Rain – Original Abstract Painting

Imagine solid rain in universe. I did. And this painting was born.

Original abstract painting

Scalar Galaxy – Original Abstract Painting

I had so much fun painting this one.

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Wave Of Child – Original Abstract Painting

My 5-year old son gave a name to this one.

Flat – Original abstract painting

Calm, mysterious, green.

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Bull Fight – Original abstract painting

Strong painting, strong colours.

Those Eyes – Original abstract painting

This painting is a magnet for eyes.