Jan Rasiewicz was born on November 22nd 1978 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. His mother Sidika grew up in Sarajevo in a “music” family where all of 5 children were playing an instrument. Jan's grandfather, Avdo Smailovic, was a well known Bosnian composer, so it was obvious that all the children were likely to get involved in music art. Jan's mother came to Slovenia to study music (violin in particular) when she was 18 years old, she got married and stayed in Slovenia. 19 months after Jan, his brother Damir was born.

Jan Rasiewicz - Rasko

Jan's parrents divorced when he was 3 years old. His mother tried really hard to raise both children by her self. Family, honesty, respect and education were on the top of the list. They lived in Polje, which is a suburban area of Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana. Jan played violin for 8 years and afterwards finished 5 grades of piano lessons. In elementary school he liked art classes the most. He loved to draw, paint, do things out of clay. At that time his friends gave him a nickname “RASKO”, which is a puzzle from his Polish surname (grandfather from father's side was polish doctor who fled from Poland to Slovenia in WW2). In High School Jan started to play guitar and was later a member of several rock bands.

In 1998 he applied for compulsory military service. After 7 months when he got back, he applied for College of Enterpreneurship. At the same time he had to find a regular job in order to get on his own feet and help his mother breathe a little after dedicating all her life to support him and his brother. Soon he started to work as a salesman in IT industry and gradually left college. His mom found a soulmate and got married, so he and his brother Damir lived together alone for about 6-7 years.

Jan moved out in 2005 when he started dating Andreja, love of his life. After two years they got married and got their first child, Kris. Three years later daughter Lara was born. After getting back to collage, Jan also graduated in May 2013 with high grade (9/10).

He started seriously painting in 2011, when he and his wife Andreja were rearainging their apartment and he got an idea: “I miss doing art so much. Why shouldn’t I try to do some for our home?” And so he went to art supplies store and than it HIT him. When he saw what kind of supplies are available to create, all those canvases, paintbrushes, and those colors, especially colors. He was so exited!! And so it all began. He painted a few paintings for their home, he gave away a few as gifts and than quite soon he started to sell his paintings and get commission work. As he was investing more and more time in his hobby, things started to get quite serious and their small apartment was not big enough for all his bigger and bigger paintings. So he rented a nice small studio in beginning of 2013. In 2015 the family moved to a bigger place, so he now has a privilege to work in his bigger home-studio.

His main medium is acrylic paint, but he loves to explore with different mediums, inks, mixed media and similar. He started to work on special new series in late 2016, called »Aqua«. He uses Art Resin in many layers to get that luxury high-gloss finish with great depth. Aqua series was exibited on Art Expo Ljubljana in September 2017 when it officially became available.

Jan is also active on his social media accounts, especially on Instagram. He has successfully finished many commission projects, local and international.

His work hangs in private and corporate collections in USA, Canada, South America, Asia, Australia and throughout Europe.