Artist statement



My work evolves from simple need for creativity. Fluid paintings that are part of my latest ”Aqua” series emerge from my inner love for family, love for nature and life in general. My art represents that love in a unique abstract way. I feel the need to express myself by pouring my soul on canvas or wooden panel. I work in layers as I go until I decide I’ve said enough. No special rules, no pressure, I’m transferring my energy to rest on my paintings and stay there. My goal is that people who interact with my art find interesting stories in it and identify with them.

As I work I always use highest grade professional materials and I put a lot of attention to every single detail. I worked really, really hard to develop my techniques and I can say that today my work is perfectly executed when it’s done. I wouldn’t sign it if I didn’t thought it is. I love my art with all my heart.



+386 (41) 370 112


Molekova ulica 3
1211 Ljubljana-Šmartno