Funky Beach abstract painting by Rasko Fine Art

Funky Beach – large abstract painting

Nowhere to run - abstract painting by Rasko

Nowhere to run – SOLD

Beige, blue, grey, black and white playing arround and chasing each other.

Play abstract painting Jan Rasiewicz

Play – SOLD

Colorful composition. Brings happiness to any room.

Treibute to NO. 5 abstract painting Jan Rasiewicz

Tribute To #5 – SOLD

This is another extra large commissioned painting I did for my collector from USA.

Violet Storm abstract painting Rasiewicz

Violet Storm – SOLD

Violet in combination with beige is so calming.

Action 55 abstract painting Rasiewicz

Action 57 – SOLD

Blue, grey, Black and white playing arround and chasing each other.

Action 55 abstract painting Rasiewicz

Action 56 – SOLD

Violet, sexy. Action painting 56 from my drip painting series.

Action 55 abstract painting Rasiewicz

Action 55 – SOLD

Vivid, warm. Action painting 55 from my drip painting series.

Rasiewicz_Oliveness_Wall art_abstract painting

Oliveness – SOLD

Soft and tender nature green to make you feel calm.

Rasiewicz_Reddish_Wall art_abstract painting

Reddish – SOLD

Simple strong red design to enhance vibrancy of space.

Rasiewicz Abstract painting pollock Tribute to number 8

Tribute To #8 – SOLD

Not a secret. Tribute to Jackson Pollocks #8

Universal – SOLD

This is truly an energetic painting. Simple, but strong.

abstract painting

Labyrinth of life paths – SOLD

Very large energetic painting in drip painting style.

Eternal abstract paintintg

The Eternal – SOLD

Big dose of colour. Energy exploding!

Original Tree painting

Lonely Tree III – SOLD

Another one from my Lonely Tree series. Rather spooky.

Entrance – SOLD

Very powerfull, energetic. Strong.

Road To Hell – SOLD

Warm as Hell!

Smooth – SOLD

Simple, minimalistic, warm and calming.

R for Roses – SOLD

Abstract roses on warm setup.

Purple City – SOLD

Vivid purple abstract cityscape at night.

Catch – SOLD

Is this sugar being caught in the cup of coffee?

Original abstract painting

Escape – SOLD

Have you ever felt like you just want to escape?

Se7en – SOLD

Warm. Symbolizes how weeks quickly pass by.

Colour Dance – SOLD

Imagine colours dancing. What a view.

Essence Of Joy – SOLD

Large vivid powerfull piece.

Helping Hand – SOLD

Misterious, yet powerfull.

Promise – SOLD

Alive and warm. Lots of texture.

Becoming – SOLD

Colorful painting, lots of texture.