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Sandy & Kevin, California - USA

Jan’s work caught our eyes, as we were looking for some ocean-themed artwork for a particular place in our home. We had a specific space requirement, so we contacted Jan directly to inquire about a custom piece. Jan was so prompt and professional to respond to us and was simply a pleasure to work with throughout the process. I think the dimensions of the piece we needed were challenging, but Jan did not hesitate to provide us with a spectacular piece of artwork that was exactly what we were looking for. A fun aspect of the process was that Jan kept us informed the entire way by providing notes and photos of the steps involved in creating what turned out to be a gorgeous work of art. The timeframe was surprisingly short from the original order until we received the well packaged shipment. We can’t recommend Jan highly enough!


Aileen, Renfrew - UNITED KINGDOM

Stunning artwork. Delivered on advised day and robustly packed. I’m delighted with this purchase.


Jennifer, Pennsylvania - USA

This piece of art is stunning in person! I love the colors SO much! It arrived quickly and was well protected in the packaging. I’ll definitely be saving to purchase another.


Richard, New York - USA

Paintings are all about their aura, which goes beyond the basic picture. Jan’s work projects that aura with unusual skill. His work is a source of artistic pleasure.


We love our newest piece of art!! Canvas print which comes out incredibly well. The colours are bright and vibrant. Thanks so much Rasko!!


Marc, New York - USA

The main purchase for this piece was because I wanted something as close to Jackson Pollock that I could get. I didn’t get that, but I got something so much better. The detail and color in this painting pop so much that I couldn’t think of NOT having this piece in my living room now. Every time I look at Rasko’s piece I find something new that I like, and that is exactly what I wanted. I think too many people ask the question “How is this interpreted to you?” Whereas the question can be even deeper “How is this interpreted to you today, tomorrow, yesterday”. The package came very securely packed (another concern I had from traveling across the ocean) but Rasko is a professional and I’m embarrassed that I ever doubted anything could happen to this. I love this painting.

Kathleen, Hawaii - USA

Amazing art, unique style and wonderful colors, thank you!


Curtis, Tennessee – USA

A truly magnificent piece! It is the centerpiece of our home & will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. In addition, this artist is a true professional. The shipping of the product was the best I have ever experienced; nothing short of an atomic blast could manage to get through the expert packaging. Jan kept me up to date with frequent messages and the shipping was amazingly quick. If you are looking for truly special, one of a kind art from a highly professional and trustworthy artist, look no further.


INCREDIBLY beautiful work. Fast shipping and very professional to work with. My wife and I got a bit emotional when we hung up with the work — it’s that stunning.


Mika, Kanagawa - JAPAN

Prompt shipping arrangement and good communicator. Very happy about the quality. Looking forward to see when it becomes a canvas panel. Do recommend this artist.


John, Florida - USA

Here are a few pictures of »Poseidon« in its new home. When I hung it and stepped back, I was overwhelmed by its beauty and complexity. You are free to use any of the pictures I send and you’re free to use my name. I’m very proud to have found »Poseidon« and it really is amazing in the most prominent place in my living room. Poseidon sits opposite a view of the Atlantic Ocean and stands up well to the competition. All the best and more pictures to come.

Vikki, Victoria – AUSTRALIA

Beautiful! Great quality. The colours are stunning. Thank you!

Michael, Nebraska - USA

If you want to own something very special you should collect this artist now because in the future he is going to become something very special in the art world and his prices will go way up. I have been collecting original art for many years, and I am quite picky about what I purchase, spending time researching artists, reading reviews, talking with previous customers and the like. This custom order was created for me, to perfection, and I can say without hesitation it is the finest piece in my collection. This young man has an amazing gift and you will not be disappointed, I’m not just talking about technical execution, which in his case is great, I’m talking about creative talent, expressive renditions, and a great eye for balance and color. You can’t go wrong collecting some of his original work.

Mindy, California - USA

Hi!! We just got the art hung and it’s awesome. Thank you so much. Everyone loves it!!!

Mihoko, Hawaii - USA

We really love his painting very much. The color was better in person – perfect for our room!!


Curtis, Tennessee - USA

This was our 3rd Rasiewicz piece, although we have since ordered 2 more. With every piece, we get the excitement of christmas! It is hard to say that we have a favorite, but when we look at a piece, for that moment, it is the favorite. Every piece is vibrant, alive, full of energy. This work is high quality, & clearly created by an artist who takes pride in his work. Jan is highly professional & he is a pleasure to work with. The shipping is beyond fast & the packaging could withstand most natural disasters. So my recommendation is to buy as many pieces by this amazing artist before he is “discovered” & becomes unaffordable.

Jan Rasiewicz s.p., Molekova ulica 3, 1211 Ljubljana – Šmartno, Slovenia

Mobile: (+386) 41 370 112


Maldives Shark Family 3 - Rasko working

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