Made To Order

Made To Order

Art is a very important piece of puzzle when you decorate your home or office. It is usually also the last thing that is added to the interior design. It has to emphasize the energy of the room and bring it all together. And at the same time, you have to love it!

If you would like to own a very special piece of art that is to your taste, size, style and made just for you – let me know! Since there is custom work involved, custom paintings are priced 20% higher than paintings of similar size from any of the series. I have successfully finished many international projects where I was commissioned to create custom artwork for homes and corporate offices.

You can use the form bellow to let me know what style and size of artwork you are thinking of buying for your interior decoration. I’ll get back to you with a Non-Binding offer in 24 hours.

Maldives Shark Family 3 - Rasko working

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Rasko Fine Art, Jan Rasiewicz s.p., Molekova ulica 3, 1211 Ljubljana – Šmartno, Slovenia

Mobile: (+386) 41 370 112

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Maldives Shark Family 3 - Rasko working

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