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Interior designers find it easy to work with me, because most of my work incorporates beautifully with the modern approach to interior design. Therefore, if it is about scandinavian, eclectic, industrial, vintage, art deco, art nouveau, mid-century modern, coastal or contemporary interior design style, probably you can find suitable artwork for your project in my portfolio or shop section.

Furthermore, my Resin landscape art and modern abstract paintings are designed to impress a viewer. Let it be one of a kind originals or the more affordable Fine art prints. So they can have a big role while renovating or building new interiors. Especially when talking about larger pieces of art.


Lately, my subject matter is often related with seascapes. I’m a big lover of the sea. Just looking at seascape photograph or painting evokes pleasant feelings in me. The sea is the most powerful water on the planet. At the same time it arouses fear, but is so vulnerable. And I explore this power in my latest work.

First of all, customers have different tastes, I understand that very well. I want to create that perfect piece of art for your client. Accordingly, I am willing to change colors, size and sometimes even techniques I use.

Secondly, I have successfully completed many commissions, local and international.


Open space office interior 1600
MALDIVES SHARK FAMILY 4 - Hallway interior in scandinavian style_1600

Furthermore, I offer a fair commission to interior designers who incorporate my artwork into their projects. So, whether you are incorporating artwork to business premises or private homes in your projects, fell free to contact me.



Jan Rasiewicz s.p., Molekova ulica 3, 1211 Ljubljana – Šmartno, Slovenia

Mobile: (+386) 41 370 112


Maldives Shark Family 3 - Rasko working

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