Lost Icons


Painting aerial ocean and beach scenes with resin is something that I really love to do and explore. In this series I wanted to bring it up a notch and connect this aerial scenes with some stories.

I was always fascinated by great engineering achievements of mankind, especially with Airplanes, Ships, Automotive industry, Architecture etc… Sometimes things went wrong due to accidents or when Mother Nature struck back with bad weather. There are 3 Million Shipwrecks all over the world. Most of them rest deep, but some were sunk in shallow waters and some were even brought to the shore with raging storms and hurricanes, where they now peacefully “rust”. Some of those wrecks became really popular tourist sites. And some of those are paradise for divers. When you see a beautiful paradise tropical beach with golden sand and azure turquoise water and then a huge rusting ship parked in the sand…

This contrast is so fascinating. And looking from above, from birds eye view, it gives the scene a totally different dimension. I find it so beautiful. And since this famous shipwrecks either had iconic role in the history (war ships, hospital ships, large fishing ships, also smugglers ships), or they just look so beautiful and iconic from above due to their size, I have decided to name this series LOST ICONS.

Art Prints

"Art Prints"

Whether you choose an Open Edition Print or Limited Edition Print,
it is an affordable way of owning artwork from Rasko.

"Art Prints"

Whether you choose an Open Edition Print or Limited Edition Print,
it is an affordable way of owning artwork from Rasko.

"Art Prints"

Whether you choose an Open Edition Print or Limited Edition Print,
it is an affordable way of owning artwork from Rasko.

What Collectors say?

INCREDIBLY beautiful work

Fast shipping and very professional to work with. My wife and I got a bit emotional when we hung up with the work — it’s that stunning.

Tim, Canada

“Unusual skills”

Paintings are all about their aura, which goes beyond the basic picture. Jan’s work projects that aura with unusual skill. His work is a source of artistic pleasure.

Richard, New York – USA

“Bright and vibrant”

We love our newest piece of art!! Canvas print which comes out incredibly well. The colours are bright and vibrant. Thanks so much Rasko!!

Alex, London – United Kingdom

“Everyone loves it”

Hi!! We just got the art hung and it’s awesome. Thank you so much. Everyone loves it!!!

Mindy, California – USA

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