Free Room Visualisation

Free Room Visualisation

Get Your Free Room Visualisation

Sea view living room of luxury summer beach house 2

Send me your room photo

Send me some photos of your interior space, living room, bedroom, dining room, any room you’d like to see rendered. Mail photos to:

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Choose paintings you like

Go to my shop section and pick artworks that you like and let me know their names. You can also let me pick some pieces for you. No obligations!

Palm Beach - Sea view living room of luxury summer beach house 2

I'll send you FREE room visualisation

I will do my best to help you visualise your interior space with my art on your walls. This will make your decision easier.
FREE Visualisations - Madives Shark Family 4
FREE Visualisations - Paliochori Beach
FREE Visualisations - Sola Fide 2
FREE Visualisations - Iluka

See how my art looks in your interior

It is one thing to close your eyes and try to visualise how a piece of artwork that you like, would look in your home. Seeing a photograph of your room with this same artwork actually hanging on the wall, that’s a different story.
Send me a photo of your room and choose some artworks that you like on my website. I will use software to make a visualisation that will help you decide if you’d like to go on with your order or commission request. I will do this service FOR FREE.

Rasko Fine Art, Jan Rasiewicz s.p., Molekova ulica 3, 1211 Ljubljana – Šmartno, Slovenia

Mobile: (+386) 41 370 112


Maldives Shark Family 3 - Rasko working

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